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10 Environmental Facts That Can Amuse You

The environment is all around us. Mother Nature is another common term for our environment and it will never cease to amaze us with the wonders that it produces. Here are 10 facts about the environment.

  1. By recycling just one aluminum can, there is enough energy saved to operate a television for about three hours. It can also save enough energy to equal a half gallon of gasoline.
  2. There are 50,000 12 ounce aluminum cans made every 30 seconds. Over two-thirds of those aluminum cans end up in landfills instead of being recycled or even up-cycled.
  3. To make enough Sunday newspapers each week, 500,000 trees must be cut down. While many newspapers have digital copies available, there are still a large number of printed copies that are circulated every Sunday. There are several that are now being printed on recycled paper but trees are still being used to make papers.
  4. By recycling a single run of a newspaper’s Sunday papers 75,000 trees would be saved. Recycled paper can only be recycled about six times before the fibers become too weak.
  5. If we were able to recycle every newspaper printed each year, about 250,000,000 trees would not have to be cut down. That would save an entire forest from being destroyed.
  6. There are 2,500,000 plastic bottles used every hour. Americans use the majority of those bottles. Most of the plastic bottles are thrown away and end up in landfills.
  7. Oceans polluted with plastic bags and other plastic materials kill or maim about 1,000,000 sea animals per year. Animals either ingest the plastic or get it wrapped around their necks or limbs.
  8. The United States is the number one country for producing trash, about 1,609 pounds per person each year. About 40% of the world’s trash is generated by the United States.
  9. Celebrities world-wide are jumping on the green bandwagon. They are using their popularity and influence to bring attention to the environment and the issues that are surrounding the depletion of it.
  10. There are new green products to use instead of the chemical based products that we have been using. Green cleaning products and body products are becoming the norm as opposed to traditional products that harm the environment. Read the labels and ingredients so you know what you are truly using.

There are so many more interesting facts about the environment. Did you know that the water you are drinking today was probably the same water that dinosaurs drank? The water cycle is never-ending and is constantly being recycled. Our environment is critical to our well being as well as future generations. People have become more conscientious over the years, but it is still not enough. Our resources are being depleted and we have not come to terms with the necessity to fully go green.