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Top 10 Environmental Issues The World Is Facing

Everyone seems to have their own opinions regarding the top 10 environmental issues. As stewards of this Earth, there is a lot that can be done by us to maintain the best possible environment for generations to come. The greatest challenges in being excellent stewards lie with these top 10 environmental issues.

Top 10 Environmental Issues

There are many environmental issues that are destroying the world environment. The top 10 issues are described below.

1. Climate Change

Climate change includes the rising sea levels, the rainfall pattern changes, severe droughts, severe flooding, harsher hurricanes and other super storms as well as new pathways for disease. Within the United States alone, the development of super storms has become the norm. Extremely powerful storms are devastating cities throughout the country. Wildfires due to excessive drought are also causing severe damage throughout the country.

2. Energy

Energy consumption has become a major point of contention among big business and private parties. New energy sources are being tested every day including wind and solar alternatives. The burning of fossil fuels is contributing to the problem of air and environmental pollution. Without completely turning away from the burning of fossil fuels and relying strictly on clean energy alternatives, the environment will continue to suffer.

3. Water

Third on our list of top 10 environmental issues is water contamination.  It a huge concern for human health as well as aquatic life. Limited access to water is also becoming a problem. Companies are now facing real limits and a rising population along with growing economies is putting an immense strain on resources and the environment.

4. Biodiversity

Biodiversity will preserve the food chain and the ecosystems on which all life depends. The decline of biodiversity is habitat loss and this is a key factor. Many companies are facing pressure about contributing to this problem.

5. Toxins and Chemicals

All forms of pollution have some kind of toxic and chemical elements that are dangerous to the health of humans and animals alike. There is a certain legal liability surrounding toxins that can turn out to be nearly unlimited.

6. Air Pollution

Sixth on our list of top 10 environmental issues is air quality. This a huge concern to everyone and there have been in place significant air quality controls put on factories, cars and other emissions sources. These controls have radically reduced the air pollution levels over the past 30 years. There is still much air cleaning that still needs to be completed.

7. Waste Management

Landfills are almost to capacity and in need of expanding or being cleaned up. So cleaning up waste management sites is becoming problematic and people are looking for solutions such as recycling and reusing items.

8. Ozone Depletion

 Next on our list of top 10 environmental issues is the  thinned ozone layer.  This is  making the world a much more dangerous place and it reduces agricultural productivity. It will also increase the risk of health problems such as skin cancer. There are steps that people can take to help stop more depletion of the ozone.

9. Oceans and Fisheries

It is estimated that more than 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are beyond sustainability and over-exploited. Declining fisheries will have devastating effects and many cultures also serve grave impacts from the reduction of fisheries.

10. Deforestation

Last on our list of top 10 environmental issues is deforestation. The world’s forests are becoming a serious issue. Every single company that uses wood, paper and any other kind of paper product is responsible for the deforestation that is taking place.