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Six air pollution health problems

Pollution  is rapidly increasing and so is the air pollution health problems. There are six major sources of air pollution. Each source of air pollution causes specific health problems. Here are six main health problems caused by air pollution.

Air Pollution Health Problems

Air pollution is responsible for many serious diseases that may lead a person to death. Six major health problems that can be caused by air pollution are described in brief below.

#1 Respiratory Inflammation

Respiratory inflammation and impaired respiratory functions such as asthma occur more commonly in areas with higher concentrations of air pollution. Respiratory inflammation can be accompanied by chest pain, nausea, coughing and wheezing, and pulmonary congestion. Permanent damage to the lungs can also be contributed to respiratory inflammation from air pollution.

Inflammation of the respiratory system can lead to increased asthmatic patients and is particularly difficult on young children and the elderly. Premature death is also associated with inflamed respiratory systems, making this one of the biggest health problems from air pollution.

#2 Respiratory Infection

Influenza is a respiratory infection and due to air pollution, a person’s resistance to the infectious disease is lowered. Frequent exposure to air pollution can cause acute respiratory illnesses in young children as well as the elderly. A young child’s lungs are not fully developed and exposure to certain air pollutants will cause irreversible damage to the lungs.

Over exposure to large quantities of air pollution can cause respiratory infections to increase and become uncontrollable with mainstream antibiotics. Large doses of antibiotics are needed to remove the infection from the respiratory system.

air pollution health problems

air pollution health problems

#3 Cancer

Lung cancer is on the rise and one of the major air pollution health problems, especially particulate matter pollution. Fine particles are entering the respiratory system and settling in the lungs. This foreign particulate matter causes the body to go on the defensive and attack itself. Cancer cells form more rapidly when the body is under attack.

Lung cancer is not the only type of cancer caused by air pollution. Throat cancer is on the rise due to the pollutants that are being breathed in on a daily basis. Clean air is essential for a body to produce healthy cells.

#4 Premature Death

Constant exposure or exposure to high concentrations of air pollution is being blamed for premature death in many people. The respiratory system is a delicate system that is vital for a human’s survival. When the respiratory system is impaired or put in distress, the overall health of the person is in jeopardy.

Cancer, infectious diseases, inflamed lungs and airways along with cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders eats away at a person’s quality of life and their life span. These health problems need to be addressed now.

#5 Cardiovascular Disease

Air pollution does not just affect the respiratory system. It also has a significant effect on the cardiovascular system. Those already suffering from cardiovascular ailments will be at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease when exposed daily to air pollution.

Most people suffering from cardiovascular disease are high on the list of problems derived from air pollution and have a decreased quality of life and a shortened life span.

#6 Neurological Impairments

air pollution health problems

air pollution health problems

Air pollution can also cause neurological impairments as the body breathes in unclean air and circulates it throughout. The body needs clean air to function to its fullest capacity and without it, severe consequences can occur.

Neurological impairments can be anything from slow reflexes to complete inability to walk or speak. The impairment depends largely on the amount of pollutants being taken into the body and the type of pollutant. Young children and the elderly are much more susceptible to neurological impairments causing air pollution health problems.