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10 Astonishing Facts Concerning Indoor Air Pollution

Many people think that air pollution occurs only outside. But when you step inside, you are just as likely to be exposed to pollutants. Here are 10 indoor air pollution facts listed.

indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than the outside

  1. The EPA has cited indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.
  2. The average person breathes about 3,400 gallons of air each day. Indoor and outdoor air pollution is a major environmental problem due to this.
  3. Indoor air pollutants include pollen, mold, radon, dust, excessive carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other fumes from chemicals.
  4. People are not made aware of the fact that air pollution may be worse inside the home than outside.
  5. Air pollution, including indoor pollution, contributes largely to lung disease, respiratory tract infections, lung cancer and even asthma.
  6. Many times the air inside is polluted two to five times worse than the air outside.
  7. Indoor air pollution is a problem for every home, regardless of location. The homeowners must be aware of this fact and take steps to correct the air quality of the home.
  8. By using more efficient fuels and energy sources instead of solid fuels, a large reduction in indoor air pollution can occur.
  9. It is estimated that nearly two million people have died prematurely from illnesses they developed due to indoor air pollution from household solid fuel use.
  10. Source removal, air cleaning and increased ventilation are the three most important ways to improve air quality indoors.

While air pollution is largely associated with the outdoor air quality, people should be concerned with the air within their homes and place of business. It is a good idea to have excellent ventilation within the home and reduce the amount of chemicals being used. To make sure that the air quality within your home is safe, have the air tested and use green methods to clean the air.