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5 Major Causes of Land Pollution

land pollution

Pollution is a serious problem worldwide. Land pollution is one of the more serious pollutions because it affects many people, animals and plants. There various causes of land pollution – 5 major causes are listed below : 1. Landfills and other sites Landfills are well known for their pollution because of ... Read More »

Top 10 negative effects of global warming

global warming effects

Global warming is an issue that people have been debating for years. It causes many changes in the environment that are negative and the world is changing drastically because of it. We will discuss some serious environmental issues caused by global warming. Global warming causes many environmental changes that effects ... Read More »

Major Natural Sources of Air Pollution

air pollution liable natural sources

Air pollution comes from many different sources that are either naturally occurring or man made. While mankind is doing its best to pollute the air, there are natural sources of air pollution that are just as dangerous. Natural Sources of Air Pollution   Sulfur dioxide Other sources of air pollution ... Read More »

Six air pollution health problems

air pollution

Pollution  is rapidly increasing and so is the air pollution health problems. There are six major sources of air pollution. Each source of air pollution causes specific health problems. Here are six main health problems caused by air pollution. Air Pollution Health Problems Air pollution is responsible for many serious diseases ... Read More »

How Does Recycling Reduces Environmental Pollution?

recycling reduce pollution

Recycling has gained popularity as a way to reduce pollution and help the environment. There are many different types of recycling and many different products that can be recycled into something else. How does recycling reduce pollution? There are four important reasons to recycle. Reduce Pollution Recycling helps reduce pollution. ... Read More »

Six Major Sources of Water Pollution

common water pollution sources

Many people understand that water pollution is a serious issue, but they are not fully aware of the sources of the water pollution. Here are six of the biggest sources of water pollution: 1.  Sources of Water Pollution from Sewage and Waste Water A major source of water pollution is ... Read More »

Factors Affecting The Frequency of Waste Collection

waste collection

The frequency of waste collection by external stakeholders greatly influences the waste collection cost. The frequency of waste collection largely depends on a number of factors such as: quantity of waste rate of generation characteristic of waste climate density and type of housing availability of space with in the premises ... Read More »

Global Warming Effects on Animals

global warming impact on animals

Global warming effects on animals is becoming very apparent.  Increasing global temperatures are expected to disrupt ecosystems and are pushing species to extinction if they are unable to adapt quickly enough. The effect of global warming on animals is very real and it is estimated that more than one million ... Read More »

How The Extinction Of Animals Effects Humans

animal extinction

All living organisms work together with their environments to form an intricate web called the food web. This living web is held together by interdependence and basically one strand stays in place due to the fact that it is entwined with so many others. The extinction of animals effects humans ... Read More »

Definition of Solid and Semi-Solid Waste affecting Environment

Solid Waste

Waste generally means something  unwanted but its precise definition differs from one country to another. The Chinese often say that a thing can be both a raw material and a waste at the same time. A material is considered as waste until it is considered as beneficial again. Thus a ... Read More »