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Key Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill

Municipal Solid Waste

Different types of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill has different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The relative comparison of key characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill are shown in a table below. Municipal Solid Waste Type Characteristics Advantage Disadvantage Open dump Poorly sited, Unknown capacity, no cell planning. ... Read More »

Leachate – Different Treatment Processes For Leachate

leachate in landfills

Leachate can be treated in different ways. The treatment processes available for leachate are described in brief below. Leachate Treatment Process Comment Evaporation Depending on climate conditions, it may be more suitable for developing countries. Protective measures should be taken to prevent water pollution, particularly during the rainy season. Re-circulation ... Read More »

Land Disposal Techniques Helping Environment Control

land disposal techniques

Land disposal is one of the most important topics when it comes to solid waste disposal. Land disposal techniques are categorized into 3 types. Underground injection Farming and Landfills.  Land Disposal Techniques – Underground Injection In a location where the environment is suitable, it is possible to inject potentially hazardous waste ... Read More »

What is Healthcare Waste Management (HCW) – 2 categories of HCW

healthcare waste

What is Healthcare Waste? Healthcare waste (HCW) is defined as the total waste originating from all healthcare establishments, laboratories and research facilities (both human and animal), blood bank and collection center, funeral and ambulance services and also the waste arising from treatment in the home. A major fraction of the ... Read More »

4 Different Thermal Treatment of Waste

Thermal treatment of waste is a developing and exciting new area of waste treatment.  These  technologies are described in brief  below to get a general idea about the process, so take a peek Thermal Treatment of Waste Description Incineration of waste Well-established and proven technology, while ongoing development is continuing  ... Read More »

How Does Deforestation Affect Animal Life?

How does Deforestation Affect Animal Life

Deforestation is the massive clearing of Earth’s forests and it is becoming an environmental epidemic. We may well ask how does deforestation affect animal life and we explain this in the article below. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and with fewer trees worldwide, there is much more carbon dioxide in the ... Read More »

Effects of Environment Change On Animals

Effects of environment change

There are many Effects of Environment Change on Animals Animals are in generally adaptable creatures and with the environment constantly changing, the need to quickly adapt is becoming important for the continuation of the species. Effects of  environment change on animals is becoming bleak in some areas as the environment ... Read More »

Why Is Environmental Education Important?

Why Is Environmental Education Important?

Why is Environmental Education Important? Why is environmental education important? Let’s take a closer look. Today’s youth are under attack from the video game, social media and television conglomerates. They do not have the willingness or gumption to learn about the environment around them except for what they are forced ... Read More »

How To Recycle Plastic Bottles

How to recycle plastic bottles

With the invention of plastic so many things changed in our daily lives so we need to ask how to recycle plastic bottles?  Glass bottling started to become obsolete and plastic became the answer to packaging items. The popularity of plastic became a huge problem since humans now use almost ... Read More »

Top 10 Environmental Issues The World Is Facing

world environment issues

Everyone seems to have their own opinions regarding the top 10 environmental issues. As stewards of this Earth, there is a lot that can be done by us to maintain the best possible environment for generations to come. The greatest challenges in being excellent stewards lie with these top 10 ... Read More »