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Waste Management Strategies and Legislation

waste management

The use of several strategies changes the environmental and economic sustainability of solid waste management. Establishment of environmentally compatible national strategy, regulations and standards, and their strict enforcement is key to pollution prevention across all environmental media-soil, water, air and noise pollution. Most industrialized countries have  national and community waste management ... Read More »

Reasons Why We Should Protect The Environment

Why we should protect the environment

Why we should protect the environment?  Why do we need to concern ourselves with the devastation that is occurring when the true problems will not happen in our lifetime?  These are good questions to ask and while many people will think these questions are selfish, they make a good point. ... Read More »

10 Environmental Facts That Can Amuse You

environmental facts

The environment is all around us. Mother Nature is another common term for our environment and it will never cease to amaze us with the wonders that it produces. Here are 10 facts about the environment. By recycling just one aluminum can, there is enough energy saved to operate a ... Read More »

Environmental Effects of Poor Waste Management

environmental effects of poor waste management

Traditionally, health and safety have been the major concerns in the management of the solid waste eventual effective disposal. However, society now demands more than this: that the solid waste management system should consider both short- and long-term effects on the environment (including conservation of resources and prevention of pollution), ... Read More »

Land Disposal Definition – What Is Land Disposal

land disposal

The disposal of solid waste on land into water bodies has been widespread ever since populations settled and grew. But before the development of consumer-based societies and industrialisation, disposal of waste did not create a significant problem owing to the presence of a vast amount of land water bodies which ... Read More »