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8 Ways To Save The World Environment

There are so many organizations and individuals who are constantly touting that their primary purpose is to save the world. This is a noble cause and the need to spread the word and make people more conscientious about the need to take steps to preserve our environment, our world is stronger than ever. So how would the average person go about finding ways to save the world?  They can start by making simple changes to their everyday lives. Here are 8 ways to save the world through little changes.

#1 Shorten Your Showers

Ideally, every home would have a low flow shower-head installed to conserve water. If the low flow shower-head is designed correctly, it will still have nice pressure and allow your shower to be enjoyable.

Do not dally while in the shower. Get in get clean and get out should be the motto. For every two minutes that you shave off your shower time, ten gallons of water are being saved.

#2 Use Safe Paints

Paints and varnishes are the second largest source of fumes from volatile organic compounds. These are substances that evaporate at room temperature but also react in sunlight and form a photo-chemical smog.

When shopping for paints, look for manufacturers who produce no VOC. This means that the paint fumes will not produce the photo-chemical smog that is so dangerous to the environment. If you do not use the entire can of paint, find a local recycling center that takes paint to keep it out of the landfills.

#3 Keep Dryer Lint Cleaned Up

As you use your dryer, lint will build up and over time make the machine less energy efficient. Dryers are not that energy efficient anyway and by having a lint build up, they are even more of an energy hog. After each cycle, clean the lint trap and once a month move the machine out and clean the back of it.

#4 Stop Junk Mail

There are about 100 million trees cut down every year for the creation of junk mail that is circulated to every home in the United States. To stop junk mail from coming to you contact the Direct Marketing Association and have your name removed from the mailing lists of their members.

This will not completely stop all junk mail, but it will stop a lot of it and save trees in the process. Other junk mailings that are not on the DMA’s list also have opt out phone numbers to call.

#5 Switch Bags

Reusable cloth shopping bags are the latest trend in going green. While the cost is a bit higher at first since you have to purchase the cloth bags, the overall environmental boost it gives is well worth it.

Use cloth bags at the grocery store; take them to the mall or the dry cleaners. This will help reduce the amount of plastic bags that are thrown away every year, making this one of the top ways to save the world.

#6 Green Cleaners

There are so many new green cleaners that are being developed that do not have any chemicals in them to harm the environment. Simple, natural cleaners are also just as effective. Read labels are start using natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda.

#7 Bring Your Own Mug

There are about 25 billion Styrofoam cups and about the same amount of water bottles that hit the landfills every year. Use a reusable to-go mug or water bottle rather than opting for the disposable kind. Most coffee shops will gladly fill your to-go mug.

#8 Shut It Down

Our last suggestion in ways to save the world will be useful to every household with computers. Most homes have at least one personal computer; several have two to three computers that are on non-stop year-round. The average personal computer that is left on all day will use almost 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. That produces more than a ton of carbon emissions.

Turn off the computers when they are not in use. Also, disable the screen saver function on the computer as it uses much more energy than when it goes into sleep mode. If the computer is not going to be used for an extended period of time, unplug it.