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Impact of Industrialization on the Environment

Impact of Industrialization On The Environment

What is the Impact of Industrialization on the Environment? Since the ages of industrial and technological revolutions, economic growth has been regarded as the major fundamental of the world’s growth.  Industrial growth has started to affect the entire environment with its severe downside problems. The formation of massive pollution making ... Read More »

5 Major Causes of Land Pollution

land pollution

Pollution is a serious problem worldwide. Land pollution is one of the more serious pollutions because it affects many people, animals and plants. There various causes of land pollution – 5 major causes are listed below : 1. Landfills and other sites Landfills are well known for their pollution because of ... Read More »

How Does Deforestation Affect Animal Life?

How does Deforestation Affect Animal Life

Deforestation is the massive clearing of Earth’s forests and it is becoming an environmental epidemic. We may well ask how does deforestation affect animal life and we explain this in the article below. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and with fewer trees worldwide, there is much more carbon dioxide in the ... Read More »