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Recycling and Reuse

How Does Recycling Reduces Environmental Pollution?

recycling reduce pollution

Recycling has gained popularity as a way to reduce pollution and help the environment. There are many different types of recycling and many different products that can be recycled into something else. How does recycling reduce pollution? There are four important reasons to recycle. Reduce Pollution Recycling helps reduce pollution. ... Read More »

Planning and Developing Effective Recycling Programme


Planning for recycling and developing an effective recycling programme is very important in recycling process. Both will be discussed in this article in brief. Planning for Recycling Some of the following activities may help with promotion and planning for recycling: Involvement of all stakeholders The recycling programme should aim to involve all ... Read More »

How To Recycle Plastic Bottles

How to recycle plastic bottles

With the invention of plastic so many things changed in our daily lives so we need to ask how to recycle plastic bottles?  Glass bottling started to become obsolete and plastic became the answer to packaging items. The popularity of plastic became a huge problem since humans now use almost ... Read More »

Recycling of Waste In Industrialised Countries

Recycling is getting popular in industrialized countries

In high-income industrialised countries, recycling of waste has become more prominent. The governments of industrialised countries started to sponsor education campaigns about recycling and to provide financial incentives to buyback center and industries that recycle. In some case there are laws and policies favoring the recycling of products in industrialised ... Read More »

How Does Recycling Reduce Pollution?

recycle and reduce pollution

Recycling has become synonymous with pollution reduction. We are learning to recycle our paper, plastic and even table scraps. Pollution is a real threat that if left to expand at its current rate will destroy the environment and make it impossible for the Earth to rebuild in the future. So ... Read More »