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What Is Good About Solar Energy

We Look at the Question of What Is Good about Solar Energy? For decades, solar energy has been touted as one of the answers to saving the earth and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. For most of that time, solar energy hasn’t really taken off, but it is finally ... Read More »

Solar Power Costs Are Less Than You Think

solar power costs

Solar Power Costs Solar power costs less than you think. Solar panels are finally starting to spread across American homes as well as homes in other parts of the world. The costs of solar power remained frustratingly high for a few decades, but the price has plummeted in the last ... Read More »

5 Expert Answers To Why Use Solar Panels?

Why use solar panels

Why Use Solar Panels? The energy industry has recently undergone a dramatic change with the sudden drop in gasoline prices. Even so, the desire for renewable forms of energy continues to grow as individuals and governments try to achieve greater energy independence. Solar energy, like wind and hydro, is a ... Read More »

The main advantages of RDF combustion

The main advantages of RDF combustion One of the main advantages of RDF combusion is that it is a clean fuel – hazardous materials and contaminants are separated from mixed waste It has low ash content- as most materials are combustible It’s uniform size and more homogeneous nature as waste ... Read More »

Source reduction and on site processing of waste

on site processing of waste

Source reduction and on site processing of waste can be effectively implemented by raising public awareness to change the behavior of consumers and industries.  These approaches encourage selective buying patterns, and the reuse of materials and products. They help manufacturers and industries to practice waste minimization and hazard reduction through efficient ... Read More »