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Waste Collection

Factors Affecting The Frequency of Waste Collection

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The frequency of waste collection by external stakeholders greatly influences the waste collection cost. The frequency of waste collection largely depends on a number of factors such as: quantity of waste rate of generation characteristic of waste climate density and type of housing availability of space with in the premises ... Read More »

On-site Storage – Advantages of On-site Waste Storage

On-site Waste Storage – General Information On-site waste may be generated on a continuous basis throughout the day and night. It is generally collected by external contractors once a week, or at some other appropriate time, depending on the quantity and type of the waste and also the climate. Thus ... Read More »

Design of Waste Storage Containers used for Environment Control

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On-site waste storage containers can be the first stage of a controlled solid waste management. This can happen where the system has been designed to have a beneficial impact on the collection service, or as a labor saving system operated by individual household members. If such storage is to be ... Read More »

Types of Solid Waste Collection System

There are various types of solid waste collection system. A wide range transport services such as large motorized vehicles or garbage trucks, can be used to collect the waste from the sources of generation, communal collection points or transfer stations to final disposal site.  Solid waste collection systems are generally ... Read More »

Five Types of Solid Waste Collection used in Environment Protection

The location of storage and collection points for solid waste collection depends on: access to the property physical characteristics of the property availability of waste management resources. Access to the waste storage points for solid waste collection requires attention in planning and approval of building  plans and design, particularly in ... Read More »

Waste Collection Systems that Protect the Environment

Types of Waste Collection Systems Mixed Materials This is the most traditional of the waste collection systems. This system involves the collection of all waste from residential and commercial establishments, as well as from industrial enterprises. External contractors either collect the mixed waste from the source of generation, or the owners ... Read More »