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Impact of Technology on the Environment

In this post we will discuss impact of technology on the environment.  Technology and environment are co-related causing many problems for the world. The impact of technology on the environment refers to how it has affected all life on this planet, including animals and sea life.
Technology is defined as the procedures of using and crafting substances and materials changing  them with different applications making the highest use of  natural resources to meet the requirements of humans. Technology started in the stone age while men first learn to make fire and took the benefits of making food, warming themselves and also to get rid of wild animals. Later the ancient people learnt to use  axes and spears, which were more advanced.

Impact of Technology on the Environment

The modern world is basically established on high technologies. The various implications and utilization of high tech products are a major necessity for everyday living. The impact of technology on the world’s environment has come at a  severe cost to humans.  The aspects and effects of technology can be good and bad depending on their effects on the nature or the environment. A sound environment is always required to sustain healthy lives for each and every person, globally. The random utilization of high-tech applications may spoil the ecological balance of the earth and the negative effects are hampering the health of all life on this earth. The more civilized humans became, new technologies were invented to make life comfortable and easy. Even in the wars between the nations, weapons were invented and used, which generally took the priority of proving, which nation had the best  high-tech weapons as compared to others.

impact of technology on the environment

Technologies have negative impacts on the environment, ruining the ecological balances and creating excessive pollutions, causing severe diseases. Although technology is very negative part, introducing green technology, will introduce some positive  effects as well. Green technology has brought some great ideas and energy saving ways.  Green technology has introduced ways of generating heat and energy with great results.  The UV rays of the sun are being harnessed through the solar panels, instead of conventional wood burning procedures. The energizing strength and powers of water flow and wind are being processed to establish electricity, which can help to lessen usage of coals, oils and uranium.

Another impact of technology on the environment is greenhouse gas  which has caused problems like global warming, glacier melting, rising sea levels, very high air pollution, effecting  sustainability of life in humans, animals and fish.