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How Does Deforestation Affect Animal Life?

Deforestation is the massive clearing of Earth’s forests and it is becoming an environmental epidemic. We may well ask how does deforestation affect animal life and we explain this in the article below.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and with fewer trees worldwide, there is much more carbon dioxide in the air. The larger quantities of carbon dioxide result in an increased greenhouse effect and that leads to global warming.

As forests are cleared, landscapes are drastically changed and therefore animals have to quickly adapt to the new surroundings. Many species only live in a specific area and they are very vulnerable to extinction. There have been several species become extinct and over the next several years, there will be many more lose their battle and also slip into extinction, showing us how does deforestation affect animal life?

How Does Deforestation Affect Animal Life?

Deforestation accelerates the natural process of soil erosion. The absence of vegetation, such as trees, causes the topsoil to erode.  The soil is less nutritious and plants cannot grow. This causes plant eating animals to search harder for a reliable food source and starvation is becoming commonplace.

Flooding is another occurrence that deforestation has a hand in. As coastal vegetation disappears,  the impact of the waves and winds on the shoreline that are associated with storm surges becomes more volatile. Coastal towns and villages are more susceptible to damaging floods and the potential of a catastrophic event occurring increases.

Another answer to the question how does deforestation affect animal life is that animals are becoming displaced from deforestation. As these animals search for new habitats to sustain them, they are invading the urban areas and becoming a danger to humans and domesticated animals. Migratory animals are finding it more and more difficult to move from feeding ground to feeding ground.

Deforestation is a threat to animals and if we as stewards of the Earth do not start paying attention to the warning signs, we will lose all of the forests. We need to do more than just plant more trees to replace those that have been chopped down, we need to preserve the mature forests that still remain.