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Why Is Environmental Education Important?

Why is Environmental Education Important?

Why is environmental education important? Let’s take a closer look. Today’s youth are under attack from the video game, social media and television conglomerates. They do not have the willingness or gumption to learn about the environment around them except for what they are forced to learn in school. Our environment is constantly changing and is in trouble from our ho-hum stewardship of it.

Future Conservation Leaders

Children these days are disconnected from nature but nature is all around them. There is an importance of making a difference in teaching environmental education and outdoor learning. It will engage students in learning and encourage children to pursue a career that deals with the environment and natural resources.

Nature Disconnection

Children in this generation are growing up indoors playing with technological advances rather than exploring the natural world that is right outside their door. These children are disconnected from nature and need to be re-introduced to the great outdoors and the vast learning potential that it offers.

Indoor living is costing our children dearly in both physical and mental well-being. Children are not exposed to the amazing nutrients that the sun offers or the exercise that exploring the environment gives them.  By being disconnected from nature when children grow up they will not have a grasp on the things that are endangering their environment or how to help heal the wounds that have already been inflicted onto their habitat, another reason to ask why is environmental education important?

Training Environmental Stewards

Children are in a school environment from kindergarten until they graduate high school and are taught through teachers and resources to be environmental stewards. PTL or Precision Training Lab is one of the most used environmental education programs taught in the United States. And while it is a proven resource, it now has to compete with the latest and greatest app or game.

Children are no longer on fire to learn all they can about their environment and they need encouragement and interesting activities to make them see that they can make a difference within their communities and be active stewards over the environment tackling the question why is environmental education important?

Service Learning

Educators are using their love and knowledge of the environment and initiating service learning projects for students. The students work together on a project that makes the environment a little better and gives the students a sense of accomplishment.

Some service learning projects include cleaning a stream, building a nature trail or cleaning up a park. Students can see the impact of humans in nature and then work to clean up the mess and learn how to preserve our environment and then answer the question of why is environmental education important?