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How Can We Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution?

Our oceans are treasured assets that we are essentially treating like our own personal landfills. It is estimated that about 80 percent of marine litter actually originates on land and most of that litter is plastic. This plastic litter has a devastating effect on our aquatic environment. The plastic pollutes the ocean largely and initiatives must be taken to reduce the ocean pollution.

reduce ocean plastic pollution
We need to reduce ocean plastic pollution

The Solution To Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution in the ocean can be reduced by following some simple solutions by large organizations and also by individual people.

  • Plastic producers need to be accountable. Plastic producers should be held accountable for recovering and recycling their product after it is used or they should be required to find new ways to design better packaging that is easier to recycle or reuse.
  • International action is needed. International leaders should step up and work with organizations such as the UN Environment Program to establish international guidelines to lessen plastic pollution.
  • Remove disposable plastics from your daily life. Instead of using plastic shopping bags, bring your own reusable bags whenever possible. Do not buy items in plastic containers.
  • Recycle your plastics. When the need arises to use plastic, make sure that you have a recycling bin ready so you can place it in there as soon as you are finished with it. This keeps plastics from making their way to the oceans.
  • Own up and take responsibility. Learn more about the plastic pollution problem and understand how you are contributing to the problem. Make decisions that will change your plastic usage. Conduct a waste audit and then set specific goals to reduce your plastic usage.
  • Clean up the beaches. There are several organizations that will host clean up days for local beaches. Volunteers will get together to pick up trash and other debris.
reduce ocean plastic pollution

reduce ocean plastic pollution

reduce ocean plastic pollution

reduce ocean plastic pollution

Oceans are a precious resource as is the aquatic life that is found within them. By being irresponsible with our plastic usage and not being conscientious in our recycling, we have begun to destroy our oceans.  We can reduce plastic  pollution in our oceans and waterways by a few steps that we can take today to ensure that the oceans are not contaminated further.