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Global Warming Effects on Animals

global warming impact on animals

Global warming effects on animals is becoming very apparent.  Increasing global temperatures are expected to disrupt ecosystems and are pushing species to extinction if they are unable to adapt quickly enough. The effect of global warming on animals is very real and it is estimated that more than one million ... Read More »

How The Extinction Of Animals Effects Humans

animal extinction

All living organisms work together with their environments to form an intricate web called the food web. This living web is held together by interdependence and basically one strand stays in place due to the fact that it is entwined with so many others. The extinction of animals effects humans ... Read More »

Effects of Environment Change On Animals

Effects of environment change

There are many Effects of Environment Change on Animals Animals are in generally adaptable creatures and with the environment constantly changing, the need to quickly adapt is becoming important for the continuation of the species. Effects of  environment change on animals is becoming bleak in some areas as the environment ... Read More »