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5 Major Causes of Land Pollution

land pollution

Pollution is a serious problem worldwide. Land pollution is one of the more serious pollutions because it affects many people, animals and plants. There various causes of land pollution – 5 major causes are listed below : 1. Landfills and other sites Landfills are well known for their pollution because of ... Read More »

2 Major Types of Air Pollution That Is Harmful To Human

air pollution classification

Air is all around us and the pollution that is affecting the air we breathe is becoming a serious environmental issue. There are several types of air pollution. Two forms of air pollution in particular are considered to be the most harmful to humans. These are ozone or better known ... Read More »

How Can We Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution?

plastic pollution in ocean

Our oceans are treasured assets that we are essentially treating like our own personal landfills. It is estimated that about 80 percent of marine litter actually originates on land and most of that litter is plastic. This plastic litter has a devastating effect on our aquatic environment. The plastic pollutes the ... Read More »