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Waste Collection Systems that Protect the Environment

Types of Waste Collection Systems

Mixed Materials

This is the most traditional of the waste collection systems. This system involves the collection of all waste from residential and commercial establishments, as well as from industrial enterprises. External contractors either collect the mixed waste from the source of generation, or the owners are responsible for bringing their waste to communal collection points or containers.

Source-separated Materials

Waste materials that have been separated on-site are collected and transported to recycling and resource recovery facilities. This is generally done by large organizations in industrialized countries. In poorer parts of the developing world, this task is often carried out by the locals, or by the waste generators who are responsible for disposing of the waste. A common practice in industrialized countries is for the generator to be responsible for delivering selected separated materials and bulky waste to drop-off centers and buy-back centers. These centers can be either single material collection points or multi-materials collection points. If external contractors are involved in the collection system, then color coded bags, bins, or roll-out containers are given to the waste users  for storing appropriate types of waste for collection by the contractors. The users are responsible for separating recyclables in this type of the two of waste collection systems.